–Sweet pleasure and rare delights

A treat to read.


Sweet pleasure and rare delights

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


We need to hold on to the good memories



Sweet pleasure and rare delights

Sweet pleasure, rare delights. Some dreams should not be touched.
They burn the heart till death allows you to escape.

Beautiful woman dance in my memory.
Sweet gifts from tender hearts held forever in my dreams.

Yesterday I wouldn’t question the gift of love.
Today the tender touches and memories of bodies wrap around me.
They left painful memories of things lost and never to be regain.

If you don’t reach for anything, take no chances.
What pleasure can be touched?
The pleasures can be so many.
Life is a wonderful journey.
Sweet pleasures, rare delights.


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More Than One

Beautifully put!

Midwest Fantasy Writes

She wanted two lives blended into one
because both filled her hungry soul
and she wanted it all
she had it all this way
it was holding her together
her living thread

Finding love
in more than one person
certainly it was meant to be
it’s not an accident
the heart doesn’t have accidents
it is true–no thinking, only feeling

She had room in her big heart
for more than one
both offering different satisfaction
of needs gnawing at her so long
what one didn’t fill
the other did

How could she live without either?
She needed both–desperately



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Keep Calm and Chive On

 Practice kindness, not business.

Too often, we expect something in return. We give a compliment to get one. We do a favor to receive one. True kindness is doing something without expecting anything in return. Not even a thank you, though that is much appreciated. When you start doing things for others hoping they’ll return the favor, you’re missing the point of charity. We are so self-focused as a society that we automatically assume everything is give and take, and we start putting conditions on our kindness.

I #KCCO because being kind isn’t about me. It’s about helping someone else, even if that just means a kind word. I #KCCO because I enjoy seeing others smile because they weren’t expecting some random act of kindness. 

We need to remember that helping others is good for the soul, and that’s really the only gift I need.


Exhilarating Anticipation


He waited patiently,
his face one of
pensive anticipation,
his mind lost
in thoughts of
being surrounded by
her welcoming warmth.
She beckoned
him closer,
watching his expression
change to one of
ecstatic exhilaration
as she opened
herself up to him
and welcomed him inside.

Breath_words© 6/17/15