Stand or Fall


Photo from Google images – Pink Floyd “Hey You” lyrics

War in the streets,
and a fight breaks out.
We hear the loud
screams and shouts.
And no one knows
what it’s about.
“Just a couple of
troubled ones hanging around.”
But, aren’t we all troubled?
Aren’t we all wanting
all the answers we know
just aren’t coming?
We question the rights
of the proud and the few.
We doubt intentions.
We play fools.
We don’t take the time
to gather the facts.
If we are pushed,
we automatically push back.
To come so far,
we now retrace our steps.
We’re going backwards,
to what we’d left.
If we can’t work together,
we can’t rise tall.
We must stand united,
or together we’ll fall.

By Breath of Words 11/14/14

This is an old piece, originally posted elsewhere. Re-posting here because I felt it was relevant to everything going on.

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