we are seekers

of truth,

of passion,

of divine retribution

we find it in the words

that sing within our souls,

create poems that pour out

and make us whole

we are meant to be read,



we are untethered beauty,

unchained magic

that only a few

will understand


National Poetry Day

Ashley Jane© 9/28/17

art by HinnyDesign

Dawn Will Break


I watched you falling,
no wings to fly,
gravity pulling,
your eyes shut tight,
a monsoon of melancholy
within your somber heart,
secluded away in the quiet

and I just wanted you to know
that you’re never alone

when misty memories
weave inside your mind,
foggy fear and doubt
leaving no way out,
I’ll never leave you behind

let me take your hand,
and together,
we’ll wait
for the dawn to break

Ashley Jane/Breath of Words© 9/11/17

photo by N. Hienan