the tired and tumultuous.

we’re caught out of orbit,

swept up in this

downpour of

d e s t r u c t i o n

(can you taste the chaos)

we are

itchy fingers on a


minds dancing with delight

at the cold, dark danger,

mouths filled with yesterday’s ghosts

isn’t it


the way madness

befalls the weary

– ashley jane

this love is more than hallmark cards.

i don’t celebrate

v a l e n t i n e ‘ s day

it’s all overpriced roses

and cards filled with words

that should be said




i don’t celebrate

commercialized love

and boxed chocolates

(i always choose the gross ones anyway)

i don’t celebrate

pretty heart shaped things

or expensive stuffed animals

(nothing can replace

the crook of your neck

or the brush of your hands)

i don’t celebrate

v a l e n t i n e ‘ s day

but, i celebrate you and me

and every single day

where i get to call you mine

– ashley jane

garden of heartache.


like funeral roses,

black and crumbling

from the weight of your ghost

they sit in stagnant denial,

thoughts swirling

and dreams drowning

in their desolation,

petals plucked

and seeds strewn


they’ll create

a garden of heartache

for all the lonely people

to water

– ashley jane

Social Media Inspiration

Social Media Poetry and Where to Find Inspiration

As social media evolves, so do its users. From Facebook pages to Instagram photos to the 280 character spaces of twitter, poetry abounds. When I first joined Twitter, it was not by choice. I was late to the game, viewing twitter as a place better suited to those with far too much time on their hands. I never even imagined that a writing community existed here. And, even more shockingly, some really amazing writers do too.

I have always been a fan of poetry. Way back when, my mother pulled out her journals and passed them on to me. She knew I needed an outlet, and I knew she was sharing something special. I still have them. Writing has a way of bringing like minds together. We are an eclectic bunch, after all. So, when I stumbled on this little community of poets, I knew I’d found friends. 

So, how do you become a member? Easy. You just write. Each platform has its own way of highlighting artists and writers. There are many authors with Facebook pages to follow. They’ll host contests and giveaways. On Instagram, you’ll find the same, along with several monthly challenges to join in on. I co-founded @FallsPoetry and help host others. Also, I always keep monthly challenges pinned in my highlights on @breathwords. With Twitter, there are numerous prompts, ranging from once a month to every day. (I have listed several from both Instagram and Twitter at the end of the article.) Prompts serve as a boost of inspiration. Some are words, others are photos, or song lyrics, and each have their own set of rules. They are meant to challenge the writer by giving a specific set of criteria. But, they also offer a chance to learn. Take @HerHeartForms, for example. This account runs challenges specifically aimed at teaching writers the different forms of poetry: from haiku to haynaku, villanelle to cinquain. It is a great way for young (and old) writers to learn. 

Social media poetry, often referred to as micropoetry, has helped put poetry back in the spotlight. Just search the tag #poetryisnotdead, and you’ll find a plethora of poets from all age groups, ethnicities, races. They pour out emotion in one liners that sting, in ballads and sonnets, to the currently popular elfchen form. Whether alone, typewritten, or paired with art, the last few years have shown a resurgence of poetry. Go to any bookstore, and you’ll find the words of Lang Leav, Atticus, Tyler Kent White or Alfa. Modern poetry, may take on new forms and new issues. But, as always, it provokes emotion, and often, it serves as a mechanism for promoting change. Plus, it’s fun to read!

If you have questions, or have a fun prompt to add to the list below, feel free to message me on Instagram (@breathwords) or shoot me an email (

You can also find me:
Twitter – breathwords
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Twitter Prompts:
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Instagram Prompts:
(note: Many Instagram prompts are run monthly, and the hashtags may change to reflect that.
But, the @ will stay the same)
#FallsPoetry, #FebruaryFalls19 – @FallsPoetry
#OurPoetryJourney – @OurPoetryJourney
#globalwordsmiths, #gwchallenge – @globalwordsmiths
#herheartpoetry – @herheartpoetry
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#pungidasprompts – @sunilsathyendra
#lovepoetrymiracles – @annesparrow, @lipstickandmiracles

I will update this occasionally to reflect changes.

Ashley Jane

darkness lives there.

he wears shades

of brimstone and damnation,

never raven black,

all burnished gold, falu and feuillemort

his eyes are home to an hidden world

made of ancient shadows and sunlight

they welcome you into the fire,

but you will not survive their invitation

to explore new depths

(darkness lives within the flames)

– ashley jane


she had wise eyes,

but she wasn’t one for sharing wisdom,

so certain that it was vital

you make your own mistakes

she gave birth, not life,

a house, but never a home

and so you learned

how to burn

when it’s cold and you’re alone

and you learned about starting over

when all you want to do is quit

you learned when to remember

and when to forget

and how to hold on when you want to let go

(I think that was the most important lesson of all)

– ashley jane

some questions have more than one answer.

you asked me who i am,

wanted to know the phases of my soul

i. slow mornings, an amethyst aubade played

just outside a secret window where a crow

waits on the ledge

ii. restless want, connected energies

impatiently waiting for inspiration to strike

iii. lightning crash sea glass secretly hidden

between quartz and crystals and igneous rock

iv. a twist of gothic red splattered across

the innocence of a snow moon shimmer

v. a violet goodnight, an aura of shadows

and purple lace skies decorated in poetry

vi. a journey, the path between body and mind,

between the known and the unknown

vi. beginnings and endings placed like bookends,

displaying the wonder of it all

i insisted that some things cannot be

singularly defined

she’ll devour you whole.

she runs with wolves

in wildflower gardens,

dresses up your pretty petals

in her favorite shades of black

(she’s addicted to the way the night bends)

she has no use for shallow souls

who play masquerade to hide their poisoned roots

she is power and strength,

blossom and bone,

a lioness in eden with magic in her eyes

and war on her tongue

– ashley jane

you are worthy.

I watch you bend
until you’re almost broken,
your mind divided
and your world stripped bare
(you deserve more)
you keep your eyes turned down,
those brilliant depths of blue
now hidden behind a wall of aches
(you deserve more)
you walk around dripping hearts
and bleeding love
and it’s so damn tragic
because your soul was meant
for something other
than this beautiful death
(you. deserve. more.)

-ashley jane

this museum isn’t open to the public.

i steep fading memories

in wildflower tea,

walk through vacant rooms

where stale air clings to my skin,

the smell of moths and medicine,


suspended above,

empty frames on amber walls

in a house filled with little more than silence

you made saying goodbye an art form,

vases full of fallen petal promises,

masterpieces inside every room,

and me, with my own private viewing

– ashley jane