Midnight Black


She whispers in abstract,
shades of midnight black
and questions that remain,
persisting thoughts
that will not wait,
not always welcome
or logical,
rarely methodical,
never as love notes
or the soft touch of sin
But, nonetheless,
she is lost in them,
the way they flutter within,
these nameless, faceless
moments of time
that steal her breath,
beating within her chest,
a vault full of memories,

Breath of Words© 4/26/17

photo by Arianna Ceccarelli

Just Breathe


We are all in pieces,
plagued by moments
where we long to escape,
seeking to rise above
the radiating ache,
all while holding too tightly
to our own despair,
too prideful to share,
pain evoked by silence
as we continue to ignore
the beautiful color
outside of our
sepia stained world,
far away from peace
and unable to see
that all we need to do
is look up

and breathe

Breath of Words© 4/21/17

photo by Magdalena Lutek (Nishe)

Discovering Home


She found her way
through winter frost
and summer rain,
chasing after
destinations unknown
She searched the skies
and discovered home
within the tropical fog
and the morning mist,
dappled with light
and ocean kissed,
away from the poison
and the toxic noise,
and she made a choice
to let evening come
and settle under her skin
while night,
with its glowing stars,
takes care of
her delicate heart

Breath of Words© 4/17/17

photo by Emi Haze

Waiting To Rise


We are teardrops and wishes,
a trail of whispers
trapped in glass jars
We call ourselves
but there are cracks
in our fragile hearts,
and those memories
the ones we pretend
don’t exist,
are simply waiting
for resurrection
They live in
those empty spaces,
longing for moments
when the sky is black,
mist and moonlight,
waiting to be spilled
so they can rise
with the night

Breath of Words 4/16/17

photo by Omerika

Beautiful Strange


You think you’re lost,
floating, swept away
in some tidal wave,
and you want to be found
You keep looking
for adventure,
unaware that you
are the mystery,
a beautiful kind
of strange and unearthly,
a spirit child
with a butterfly soul
You believe you’re alone,
desperately searching
for a way of going home,
but love,
you weren’t meant
to stay in one place
Your mind was designed
to fly free

Breath of Words© 4/14/17

photo by Brooke Shaden



She is delicate,
the soft touch
of satin and lace
She is shadowed grace,
a beauty in the dark
hiding from the day
She steals hearts,
beckoning you close
with whispers,
her words stirring the air,
like music and melody
and long lost memories
finally returning home

But, she never stays,
always planning
a secret escape
She’s never been great
with hellos,
but she works magic
with her sweet goodbye

Breath of Words© 4/6/17

photo by Elyssa Obscura/Deviant Art