it’s eerie,
the sudden hush,
the shadows that slice,
the impossible quiet

her heart was a forest
but it’s been wiped out by fire

and the sun that once shined here
has long been eclipsed
it’s now filled by figments
with loathed looks
and silent lips
and the ghost and ghouls
that haunt this place
know nothing of forgiveness

so there is only emptiness
where love used to bloom,
her beating heart
now an aching tomb

Breath of Words © 8/14/17

photo: Tristen Lane

Thicker Than Blood


we waver between extremes,
wielding words
that cut deep,
aimless angst and blinding hate,
hysteria thrumming inside our veins
(and we like to believe we can change,
but underneath it’s all the same)
and the pain
runs thicker than blood,
our minds deprived
of their softer side
so we lash out against the world
when we feel like falling apart,
using our angry voices
to shield our broken hearts

Breath of Words © 8/10/17

photo: Elizabetta Renosto

As You Are

we threw away expectations

and old memories,

welcomed light and dark

with open arms
we were made of shadows

we were made of stars

(we told them both

to come as they are)
we witnessed the forbidden

and chased the authentic

we wanted peace

we craved the irenic
so we broke the spell,

entwined heaven and hell

with nothing left to conceal,

we took our time to heal
Breath of Words© 8/2/17

Art by Simon Prades