Preach Peace


do not open that box child,
the one marked hate,
the one that promises it’ll be ok
there is no love to be found there,
only anger and pain

we’ve gotta find another way

we need to lead with one heart,
not bitter words that incite violence,
or hostility that starts the riots

we have to do what they won’t
and preach tolerance and unity
we want love not war
so bring us healing and equality

our next chapter demands
some kind of revolution,
a day of departure
from the constant persecution

so put down the box child
and find your strength
together, we’ve got to make them believe
in peace

Breath of Words© 8/18/17

art by Banksy

As You Are

we threw away expectations

and old memories,

welcomed light and dark

with open arms
we were made of shadows

we were made of stars

(we told them both

to come as they are)
we witnessed the forbidden

and chased the authentic

we wanted peace

we craved the irenic
so we broke the spell,

entwined heaven and hell

with nothing left to conceal,

we took our time to heal
Breath of Words© 8/2/17

Art by Simon Prades