hidden things.

everyone has secrets

hers are buried in fields

where buttercups weep

because the sun

hasn’t graced their faces

in far too long

everyone has stories

hers bloom along

the lonely river,

beside the winding road,

on a path of stardust

lined in daisies and dandelions

everyone has scars

hers are nestled within

the clouds’ subtle sighs,

softened by the moon’s kisses

and the sky’s embrace

guarded by a touch of magic

everyone has something

they keep hidden away

she just hides hers

with beautiful things

– ashley jane

Drink Deep


there is something about a storm
that’s always soothed my soul,
the way the sky is falling
and the wind is calling,
the way the thunder echoes

others feast on liquid sunshine
and timid turquoise skies,
but I like the power of the night,
the amazing way it creates beauty
while the world sleeps


so that when daylight comes,
awakening the ocean waves
and the remnants of darkness
fade away,

that is what makes my heart beat
so I drink deep

Breath of Words© 7/31/17

photo not mine. contact for credit or removal.

Beautiful Strange


You think you’re lost,
floating, swept away
in some tidal wave,
and you want to be found
You keep looking
for adventure,
unaware that you
are the mystery,
a beautiful kind
of strange and unearthly,
a spirit child
with a butterfly soul
You believe you’re alone,
desperately searching
for a way of going home,
but love,
you weren’t meant
to stay in one place
Your mind was designed
to fly free

Breath of Words© 4/14/17

photo by Brooke Shaden