I’m moving back and forth
between sanity and oblivion.
We’re at that point
where every whispered sigh
is an expression of pleasure.
My entire body hovers on edge
while we walk a tightrope
of words and feelings and needs.
This bond we share,
this connection that allows us
to feel each other over distance,
it’s reeling me in quickly.
I can feel the warmth
of your energy pour over me.
I can feel every touch you describe,
every breath against my ear.
My skin tingles with desire,
the rush of adrenaline.
My body burns for you
so much that it hurts.
You project these images into my head,
and I’m rendered speechless,
seeing what you want to do
before you have a chance to do it.
The pleasure of waiting for you,
for your energy to flood over me,
borders on painful,
but a delicious pain that
makes me not care that I’ll
probably go crazy from this
sensory overload.