my wolves.

i run with wolves,
warriors with softly resilient hearts
i hold hands with heroes,
my hesitant fingers bound in theirs
because they give me the strength
to rise above the fire
to run among the pines
to break glass ceilings 
they teach me how to be patient
they show me how to be

– ashley jane

my heart will outlast your hurricane.

i was gone

long before you noticed,

drifting beyond

your lonely lighthouse shine

i refused

to be another casualty

of your raging storms,

your lightning strikes

creating seaglass memories,

proof that there is still strength

in these bones

– ashley jane

you are worthy.

I watch you bend
until you’re almost broken,
your mind divided
and your world stripped bare
(you deserve more)
you keep your eyes turned down,
those brilliant depths of blue
now hidden behind a wall of aches
(you deserve more)
you walk around dripping hearts
and bleeding love
and it’s so damn tragic
because your soul was meant
for something other
than this beautiful death
(you. deserve. more.)

-ashley jane