The Art of Drowning


I have always
been drawn to water,
the allure of being clean,
as if one dip beneath the surface
will wash all my cares away
I just hover,
lost in the fading colors
as depths rise,
no more crowded rooms
filled with empty conversation,
just sweet silence
it makes it easy to surrender,
an effortless glide

Breath of a Words© 7/27/17

photo: Nicholas Javed


Made to Drown


I tried
bridging the shores,
tried plotting our course,
two different souls
going wherever the wind blows

but my survival was tied
to a sinking ship,
your bloodthirsty words
leaving my defenses
slashed to ribbons

So, I learned that some structures
are made to come tumbling down,
all that was left
now floating with death

I guess some hearts were made to drown

Breath of Words© 7/18/17

photo: Mikael Also