she’ll devour you whole.

she runs with wolves

in wildflower gardens,

dresses up your pretty petals

in her favorite shades of black

(she’s addicted to the way the night bends)

she has no use for shallow souls

who play masquerade to hide their poisoned roots

she is power and strength,

blossom and bone,

a lioness in eden with magic in her eyes

and war on her tongue

– ashley jane

she’s heading for a downfall.

crystallized drops
in a soft-pause-halt
before they melt and seep,
the red flower blooming
in floating maroon
down mean streets,
gravity aims and pulls,
tracing the pathway
of veins made victim
while garnet stains unfurl
over pale white
(she chases a free fall feeling)
– ashley jane

sickly sweet nothings.

they drip
down your chin,
rivulets so saccharine,
(we pretend to loathe the gore)
knives dressed up in velvet
but the blade still stings
love, lies, lullabies 
all so crimson sweet
they stain the tongue
clean up
when you’re done

– ashley jane