some questions have more than one answer.

you asked me who i am,

wanted to know the phases of my soul

i. slow mornings, an amethyst aubade played

just outside a secret window where a crow

waits on the ledge

ii. restless want, connected energies

impatiently waiting for inspiration to strike

iii. lightning crash sea glass secretly hidden

between quartz and crystals and igneous rock

iv. a twist of gothic red splattered across

the innocence of a snow moon shimmer

v. a violet goodnight, an aura of shadows

and purple lace skies decorated in poetry

vi. a journey, the path between body and mind,

between the known and the unknown

vi. beginnings and endings placed like bookends,

displaying the wonder of it all

i insisted that some things cannot be

singularly defined

She Is Undefinable


Why would you try to define her?
She is undefinable.
She’s not just a star, she’s the whole galaxy. She is lightning and butterflies. Grunge rock and Disney songs. Poetry books and science experiments.
She doesn’t believe in happily ever after, but she still hopes for it. When she writes, it’s usually melancholy, but she does so in bright colors, as if saying “fuck you” to those dark thoughts by writing them in neon pink and purple. She doesn’t believe in black and white, just shades of gray. And, she’ll question anyone who does. She hates when songs don’t tell a story, but she finds comfort in all lyrics and melodies. She doesn’t censor herself, and she would hate it if you did. She is the person you go to when you need to confess some deep, dark secret, because you know she’ll listen and never judge. She’s your safe haven, despite the fact that she’s the most reckless person you know. She’s wise beyond her years, and she won’t hesitate to call you on your bullshit. And she’ll be completely unapologetic about it. She is soft and hard, and she hides a lot of how she feels, but for the right person, she’ll open up. She doesn’t trust easy. In fact, she’s naturally suspicious and has little tolerance for naivety. She is smart, but she’ll never stop learning. She is a leader, naturally in charge, but she wants to give up control. She holds the universe under her skin, entwined with a spirit unlike any other.

She is rainbows and dark skies and tiger lilies and rain clouds. She is tea AND whiskey.
She has no definition.

Breath_words© 9/13/15