We’ll Carry On


We don’t talk anymore,
our words are choked
by these heartbreaking tragedies
Too much lingers here unknown
There is an ache deep in our bones

Television spills
such disturbing news
but we just can’t turn away
Fear is leaving us cold
There is such sadness
in our soul
And I’m afraid
that love isn’t enough
to rebuild the hope
that there once was
This lonely place is not a home
and this new world
is not our own

But, we’ll carry on

Breath of Words© 2/20/17

Matchstick Romance


We played innocent,
though we never were
We were matchsticks striking
creating chaos and sparks,
the flash of danger in the dark
We were catastrophic,
a burning love that
wreaked havoc with flames,
leaving behind
lonely nights and empty days,
our tangled state of mind
fueling the monsters inside

We were proof that even flickers
can become a destructive blaze

Breathof Words© 2/15/17

stock photo edited with Prisma