Love Bombed


I sipped slow
on your elixir of pretty words,
let them melt like candy
on my tongue,
bombarded with the pleasure
of your warmth,
your sun-kissed seduction,
swayed by your charm
and flooded with your flattery
(overwhelmed, just how
you wanted me to be)
But, the heat soon turned to ice
and I stood there frozen,
your claws digging deep
while you reveled in
a derailing destruction,
the old pleasure vanishing
within my puzzle box heart,
buttoned up and locked
(though you certainly tried
to tear it apart)

I’ve re-stitched it together
with sweetgrass and sage,
made it stronger,
cleansed the air of your name,
an allegory of faith
and a story of strength
held firmly within its walls

Breath of Words©

Photo: Annie Reha


For Always


There’s been too much
our minds chasing problems
instead of holding on to each other

One day,
we’ll have time
to soak up the good,
moments spent loving
these hearts of ours
so concerned with comforting
We’ll watch suns set
and moons rise,
talk about all the good
in this darling life

Until then,
I’ll wish on stars and love songs,
while holding onto trust
and the sweet kiss of faith

And, we’ll burn bright,
you with me,
for always

Breath of Words© 4/24/17

photo: Felicia Simon

Storm Within


She waits for the crash,
standing under the sky,
her amaranthine heart
anchored to the storm
as it rages on, unmerciful,
just like her,
loathed and loved
And you’re afraid,
scared that the ground
will fall below her feet,
that she’ll be pulled along
with thunderclouds
and lightning bolts
I can see you wishing
to be the one to help her,
hoping your faith
will be her saving grace
But, the truth is,
there is a war beneath her skin,
and only she can calm the tempest

Breath of Words© 4/14/17

photo by Katherine Jung