she once counted stars,
but she ended up falling
now, she is a sea queen sinking
in her own summer storm,
racing anchors to the bottom
of her mind’s deep ocean
while the lightning rages
and the rain pours

she waits for a break
to undo the ache,
and she hears the clouds part
to whisper your name

you are the space in-between,
the calming reprieve
that she desperately needs,
sharing your lungs with her
so she re-learns
how to breathe

Ashley Jane © 8/8/17

photo by Hannah Isa

Merciless Skies

We used to chase hope
under an empire of lights,
the silver flicker of falling stars
illuminating the night,


but all the stars have fallen
and each wish has been made
Our minds are lost,
and our souls have strayed
And, there is no mercy
in this moonless sky,
our hearts floundering
as time passes by,
an insane loop of darker days
where logic fails
and passion wanes,
and our racing pulse
is the only sound,
yours in time with mine
as we watch it all
come tumbling down

Breath of Words© 4/4/17

photo by Katia Chausheva