thank you.


you spend your mornings

with coffee and crosswords,

your afternoons

filled with dirt and digging,

the tilling of sandy soils

in a garden that gives back

there is such power

in the small things,

the shoots of plants that bloom

from seeds in sowed fields,

the energy of life and love

in hands that endeavor to provide

– ashley jane

There to Stay


She gets lost
in his chocolate eyes,
and dark hair
that frames his face.
She’s captivated
by his easy spirit,
his loving heart,
his piercing gaze.
He knows her demons,
accepts them all
He knows her mistakes,
understands her flaws.
He’s the anchor
that holds her steady,
always willing,
always ready.
He takes care of her,
stands beside her.
When she’s unsure,
he reminds her
that she deserves
some happiness.
That it’s ok if
she’s a mess.
He reminds her
every single day,
that no matter what,
he’s there to stay.

Breath_words© 8/4/15