let’s drink to getting lost.

we moved between crossed fates,
your feather-light feet
trespassing into my distant black hole world
you sang your song of the sea
to the dark heart in me made for
and left the dreamer in me exposed
I don’t regret it though, dear poet 
you were the last sip of freedom in a dying glass,
and I was thirsty to explore

– ashley jane

Love, Lies and Lullabies by Ashley Jane 💜

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Love, Lies, and Lullabies is a collection of poetry about relationships and the emotions that come with them. It is written for the lovers and the liars, the broken and the mended, the hardened hearts and the soft souls who lie and tell everyone that they are fine. Each chapter is filled with poems that detail the ups and downs of life and love, of pain and joy, of losing and finding yourself again.

Lost Ones

We hide ourselves behind tall walls and guarded hearts. We camouflage ourselves in apathy, sleep under blankets of secrets. We do everything we can to keep people out. Yet, somehow, the healers still find a way.

Beautiful Strange


You think you’re lost,
floating, swept away
in some tidal wave,
and you want to be found
You keep looking
for adventure,
unaware that you
are the mystery,
a beautiful kind
of strange and unearthly,
a spirit child
with a butterfly soul
You believe you’re alone,
desperately searching
for a way of going home,
but love,
you weren’t meant
to stay in one place
Your mind was designed
to fly free

Breath of Words© 4/14/17

photo by Brooke Shaden

Artful Insanity


Time stops,
a random occurrence,
while we collect our thoughts
(I think we’re lost)

but, maybe not
Maybe, we’re found,
caught between
figments and notions
of fiction and reality
as we spin tales
for other’s eyes
(such greedy spies,
they gobble up our words

Time starts,
we twist words and weave stories
because insanity is art
and we play a part
in our dear readers’ hearts
(or so we hope)

Breath of Words© 2/6/17