Gone Girl


I find myself swallowed
in the low rumble,
the way the earth seems to move
whenever you wish it
while I stand here trapped
by wisps and trails,
storm cloud cages
around a melancholy heart

I’ve started to lose track
of what’s real anymore,
my chest pounding in tune
to your rampant roar,
and these dreams try to trick
and make me believe
I know you look,
but you don’t see
And, your melody
isn’t really for me
(It isn’t, is it?)
We’re just a long gone memory

Breath of Words© 4/27/17

photo by Kevin Radley

Lingering Demons


I know we all have demons
You’re mine,
with your clouded soul
all bound in smoke
and your penchant
for diving into the dark
We are two halves
of a melancholy heart
that together are dangerous,
but still
I find myself struggling
to fall asleep,
caught between these dreams,
feeling the press
of your absence,
despite the fact
that your ghost
still lingers on,
a silent shadow
haunting me from
those old songs,
each one seasoned
with your memory

Breath of Words© 4/21/17

photo by Jared Tyler



She is delicate,
the soft touch
of satin and lace
She is shadowed grace,
a beauty in the dark
hiding from the day
She steals hearts,
beckoning you close
with whispers,
her words stirring the air,
like music and melody
and long lost memories
finally returning home

But, she never stays,
always planning
a secret escape
She’s never been great
with hellos,
but she works magic
with her sweet goodbye

Breath of Words© 4/6/17

photo by Elyssa Obscura/Deviant Art