the time is now.

you were all wiles and charms,

sensual depths dancing behind midnight eyes

and lips that devoured my secrets

i gave no resistance

you always knew how to play me a melody,

a pied piper beckoning

with velvet words and a lyre of lies

i fell for it every time

(but even hearts like mine know

there’s a time for letting go)

– ashley jane

we’re left as embers and ashes.

i spread all the remnants of you

out on the table,

a pile of memorabilia from another life,

years of photos and letters

scattered within

a tangle of wasted breaths

and words unspoken

ink-stained moments

are all that’s left

of a love that once

burned through the night

– ashley jane

No Regrets


You were there and gone,
never staying long,
You were like a dream
that I slept through, except I knew.
You changed me from something
innocent into this, with one kiss.
And I thought
that you would be the one
who set me free.
You taught me so many things,
both good and bad.
You made me
happy and sad with your
reluctant goodbyes.
I never knew if you’d be gone for good.
I wasn’t sure what you needed.
I misunderstood.
But I can’t complain or say mean things,
because despite the highs and lows,
you taught me a different kind of love,
a different way of living,
and for that I’ll always be grateful.
You were the darkness
I needed to hide in
when my world fell apart.
No matter how much you
broke my heart,
you’ll always be a part of it, a part of me.

Breath of Words© 4/2007

(originally posted elsewhere)