Book Review – I am a World of Uncertainties Disguised as a Girl

I am A World of Uncertainties Disguised as a Girl by Nicole Lyons

Right at the beginning, page 9, I stumbled onto one of the first poems that ever made the breath rush from my lungs. “The Next Big Thing” has since remained one of my all time favorites. Each time it pops back up, I remember its punch and how it left me reeling.

The rest of Nicole’s second book of poetry delivers those same gut-wrenching, breath-stealing, high-chasing lines I’ve come to love from her. In “Freight Trains,” she steps inside my inner chaos. In “Syllable by Syllable,” she picks me apart. Nicole knows me, far better than I know myself sometimes. She’s rolling around in my head and setting my heart on fire. She’s whisky, straight up, and she knows just how to burn.

In pieces like “A Poet’s Note” and “Anchored,” she illustrates the curse of empathy with absolute precision. The way we carry the pieces of others. The way we let them weigh us down. The way we drown so others may float. Nicole is a powerhouse of love and heartache. She doesn’t decorate her pain and shadows with pretty flowers. Instead, she lets it bleed in all its glorious madness. She is courage and fire, and this book is the definition of art.

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– ashley jane

Book Review – I Find You in the Darkness

I Find You in the Darkness by Alfa

I’ve been obsessed with books since I was a child, and I’ve learned that each period of my life brings a new appreciation for different authors and genres. In this current period, Alfa is my diamond in the rough.

I Find You In the Darkness is a soul-purging, deep dive read. It’s love and heartache. Pain and beauty. And woven together with threads of relatable magic. Alfa has always had a talent for understanding her reader. She digs words from her own bones and serves them in gritty, raw truths. She leaves you to discover yourself in them. She touches the darkest recesses of your mind and sheds light on all those things you try to keep hidden. My favorite piece in this book is called Dangerous on page 169: “and for the first time in your life — you feel that your difference is not a detraction, but an attribute that makes you feel special. Your different is what makes your heart so alluring.” Her words are brilliantly boundless, and I am captivated by each one.

I will say, for those familiar with Alfa’s normal style and layout, this book is a bit different. It has a more modern, minimalistic vibe while incorporating pieces of art and shading. It is still a beautiful book, though, and I happily take it with me everywhere I go.

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– ashley jane

Book Review – a jar for the jarring

Candice Louisa Daquin of The Feathered Sleep

Candice’s first poetry book has a unique tale on a confessional style, and the lay out works well fir it. She merges darkness and melancholy into a tale for transformation from child to adult, touching on the trials that came with the evolution. The book contains beautiful, heart wrenching prose and poetry that excels because of the authors grasp on the language, her excellent use of imagery, and the exquisite descriptions she uses to reel the reader in. She left me breathless with the subtle madness in her word play. And once I began the book, I couldn’t put it down until finishing it. Her words are both wholly personal and yet brilliantly relatable. You can feel the pain in her lines as if it were seeping from your own pores onto your skin and across her pages. She turns metaphor into magic with flashbacks and nature references. I was particularly drawn to her stream of conscious pieces, one word feeding and expanding upon the next. I was particularly drawn to two of her longer pieces, Verbi and Damask, for the bold and powerful way they gripped my soul. Her words are brave and raw and pure, and this book will the first of many I read by her.

– ashley jane