let’s drink to getting lost.

we moved between crossed fates,
your feather-light feet
trespassing into my distant black hole world
you sang your song of the sea
to the dark heart in me made for
and left the dreamer in me exposed
I don’t regret it though, dear poet 
you were the last sip of freedom in a dying glass,
and I was thirsty to explore

– ashley jane

Music Mission

Everything around me had started to cave in
Collapsing in on itself, the beginning of the end
They try to make you forget about the humble start
Strive to chain you down to make you a part
Of a system corrupt with liars and thieves
Where you choose to lose or give in to the beast
Praying your name will one day be heard all around
But changing yourself so much you can’t even be found
Giving in to the monster just to be seen
Knowing that everything hinges on this crazy dream
to be someone in a world full of fools
Working with the enemy just to get the right tools
Asking yourself all the wrong questions
Taking bad advice, following poor suggestions
When you know that the cost is to give up part of you
You have to stop and ask what’s the right thing to do
Keep following a dream that may never come true?
Or give up without ever glimpsing the view?
You ignore the fees that you keep having to pay
just to have someone help pave your way.
Seeing the greed in eyes all around
When all you want is for them to hear your sound
and know that for you, this isn’t just a vision
It’s a life’s calling, the music a mission
Judging others the way they judge you
because their envy gives you something to prove
Hoping for support and only finding defeat
How do continue to let the music beat?
You pick up the pieces and make your words known
With your lyrics you turn your pain into song
You give in to the struggle you’ve been fighting inside
to step out and let the world see what you’ve got

Breath_words© 9/20/14