dip-dyed prose for darkened skies.

transported by a knot of sparrows
across the spectrum of colors
we ride on the backs of a birdsong
and melt into the fire of tomorrow,
souls ablaze in the flashpoint 
of the words we were too afraid to share
we’re crossing lines and time zones 
as they swim in the northern lights,
staining our pages with wet ink,
infusing chapter and verse
with a myriad of hues,
painting rainbows with poetry

– ashley jane

things i can’t throw away.

folded up in intricate patterns,
once passed between outstretched hands,
an old mixed tape
filled with 90s hits,
partially burned
but saved at the last minute,
a lucky rabbit’s foot
that, looking back,
really wasn’t all that lucky
tucked in a shoebox
in the back of the closet

– ashley jane

now, we burn bright too.

we wrote letters to the sun,

heartache and poetry

filled with confessions,

stories and reasons

for why we felt too deeply

and fell too quickly

we were dragon hearts and dandelion fuzz,

graceful power and a shimmer of softness

all beautifully broken

and bound within the stars

– ashley jane

Letters To the Ocean

We nursed the shoreline,
penning letters to the ocean,
confessing all the quiet things
that no one ever knows
We stood entranced by the current,
open eyes under azure skies,
holding on to our fear
when we came here to let it go


We thought we could lose ourselves
in the sea’s welcoming abyss,
that these crystal waters
would make all the difference,
but you refuse to leave the shallows,
and I can’t release these letters
making waves in my head

Breath of Words© 8/1/17

photo by Gabriel Isak