Midnight Black


She whispers in abstract,
shades of midnight black
and questions that remain,
persisting thoughts
that will not wait,
not always welcome
or logical,
rarely methodical,
never as love notes
or the soft touch of sin
But, nonetheless,
she is lost in them,
the way they flutter within,
these nameless, faceless
moments of time
that steal her breath,
beating within her chest,
a vault full of memories,

Breath of Words© 4/26/17

photo by Arianna Ceccarelli

Merciless Skies

We used to chase hope
under an empire of lights,
the silver flicker of falling stars
illuminating the night,


but all the stars have fallen
and each wish has been made
Our minds are lost,
and our souls have strayed
And, there is no mercy
in this moonless sky,
our hearts floundering
as time passes by,
an insane loop of darker days
where logic fails
and passion wanes,
and our racing pulse
is the only sound,
yours in time with mine
as we watch it all
come tumbling down

Breath of Words© 4/4/17

photo by Katia Chausheva