i stood beneath a shivering sunset,
wrapped in the soft brutality of its fading light
i listened to the night life heralding the coming stars,
and i remembered all the wishes we’d made
from cold balconies on lonely evenings,
all the promises that were whispered
even though we knew they’d go unkept
we were always experts at predicting endings,
yet somehow,
we couldn’t foresee our own
i stayed there until morning,
on the balcony,
without you this time,
and i watched a peek of color
paint the cityscape in shades of day,
and it was if i were seeing dawn for the first time
i suppose i spent so many sunsets with you
that i’d never noticed how beautiful
sunrises could be

– ashley jane

moon child.

they call her moon child,

the girl with a midnight soul

and an anxious heart

she listens to their soft hum music

as they sing songs to the forest trees

about all her phases,

the way she moves between

new moon voodoo and full moon magic,

the way she knows all your secrets,

holding them in the folds and creases

of shadows that grace her surface,

the way she fades from sight

just long enough for you to miss her

they immortalize her in lyrics,

writing them into constellations

and spreading them across the sky

hidden things.

everyone has secrets

hers are buried in fields

where buttercups weep

because the sun

hasn’t graced their faces

in far too long

everyone has stories

hers bloom along

the lonely river,

beside the winding road,

on a path of stardust

lined in daisies and dandelions

everyone has scars

hers are nestled within

the clouds’ subtle sighs,

softened by the moon’s kisses

and the sky’s embrace

guarded by a touch of magic

everyone has something

they keep hidden away

she just hides hers

with beautiful things

– ashley jane

thank you.


you spend your mornings

with coffee and crosswords,

your afternoons

filled with dirt and digging,

the tilling of sandy soils

in a garden that gives back

there is such power

in the small things,

the shoots of plants that bloom

from seeds in sowed fields,

the energy of life and love

in hands that endeavor to provide

– ashley jane