let’s drink to getting lost.

we moved between crossed fates,
your feather-light feet
trespassing into my distant black hole world
you sang your song of the sea
to the dark heart in me made for
and left the dreamer in me exposed
I don’t regret it though, dear poet 
you were the last sip of freedom in a dying glass,
and I was thirsty to explore

– ashley jane

These Words

Julia S./Shanonaut – Deviant Art

There is only me,
and these words are my missing piece
to quell the ache
that lies within,
to fuel the fire
and fall in love again

There is only me,
and these words rekindle dreams
and repair my soul
making me whole
and calm the rain
and the lingering pain

There is only me
and these words are my connection,
my mirrored heart,
my true reflection,
the guiding hand
for my master plan

There is only me,
and these words have become my sanity

Breath of Words© 2/21/17