we are poetry.

words sit thick

like cotton on the tongue

waiting to be spun

into a dress of pretty prose

for strangers to wear,

letters and lace to drape

across the shoulders of people

we will never meet,

soul stories told by hands

that hold tendrils of magic

we move between moments,

insomnia written into our bones

because sleep cannot make a home

in minds that do not rest,

in bodies composed

of air and water and hope and pain

we breathe wreckage and desire,

and we are not afraid of either

because we carry the blood

of vikings and warriors in our veins

our hearts wear a shield

made of woven strength

we are resilient

we are infinite

we are poetry

– ashley jane

Book Review – a jar for the jarring

Candice Louisa Daquin of The Feathered Sleep

Candice’s first poetry book has a unique tale on a confessional style, and the lay out works well fir it. She merges darkness and melancholy into a tale for transformation from child to adult, touching on the trials that came with the evolution. The book contains beautiful, heart wrenching prose and poetry that excels because of the authors grasp on the language, her excellent use of imagery, and the exquisite descriptions she uses to reel the reader in. She left me breathless with the subtle madness in her word play. And once I began the book, I couldn’t put it down until finishing it. Her words are both wholly personal and yet brilliantly relatable. You can feel the pain in her lines as if it were seeping from your own pores onto your skin and across her pages. She turns metaphor into magic with flashbacks and nature references. I was particularly drawn to her stream of conscious pieces, one word feeding and expanding upon the next. I was particularly drawn to two of her longer pieces, Verbi and Damask, for the bold and powerful way they gripped my soul. Her words are brave and raw and pure, and this book will the first of many I read by her.

– ashley jane