Love, Lies and Lullabies: a breath of poetry and prose

My first book of poetry – Love, Lies and Lullabies – is now available on Amazon: 💜

Love, Lies, and Lullabies is a collection of poetry about relationships and the emotions that come with them. It is written for the lovers and the liars, the broken and the mended, the hardened hearts and the soft souls who lie and tell everyone that they are fine. Each chapter is filled with poems that detail the ups and downs of life and love, of pain and joy, of losing and finding yourself again.

Please check it out, review it, let me know what you think.

Ashley Jane

Winter Hearts



This world is harsh,
leaving us abandoned
with this winter in our hearts,
broken souls floundering,
trapped in icy fear
of the demons and shadows
that linger here
We are caught,
snagged in a web
that keeps holding us down,
the cold weight on our chests
stealing away our breath

And, yet…
still we fight,
pushing through this darkness
to find the light

Breath of Words 3/22/17

Originally published as the featured cover for The Dweller’s Post issue of DigitInk Magazine

Art by Danielle J Carey