Gone Girl


I find myself swallowed
in the low rumble,
the way the earth seems to move
whenever you wish it
while I stand here trapped
by wisps and trails,
storm cloud cages
around a melancholy heart

I’ve started to lose track
of what’s real anymore,
my chest pounding in tune
to your rampant roar,
and these dreams try to trick
and make me believe
I know you look,
but you don’t see
And, your melody
isn’t really for me
(It isn’t, is it?)
We’re just a long gone memory

Breath of Words© 4/27/17

photo by Kevin Radley

Artful Insanity


Time stops,
a random occurrence,
while we collect our thoughts
(I think we’re lost)

but, maybe not
Maybe, we’re found,
caught between
figments and notions
of fiction and reality
as we spin tales
for other’s eyes
(such greedy spies,
they gobble up our words

Time starts,
we twist words and weave stories
because insanity is art
and we play a part
in our dear readers’ hearts
(or so we hope)

Breath of Words© 2/6/17

Fall and Fade


We escape,
dwelling in another space,
dancing with dreams
to cure the ache
as our minds sway
to the music of
a different time and place


We are so hooked
on the rhythm
of some UNreality,
living somewhere between
fiction and fantasy
as words tu
and worlds crumble
while we fall and fade,
slip-sliding away,
forgetting how to live


Both photos by Brooke Shaden