i live in the lyrics.

it’s funny,
the things remembered most
too often,
i exist in a dream-like state,
pictures flooding in
because some song on the radio
insisted that i hadn’t reminisced 
in far too long
like, the way hank williams songs
remind me of learning to drive
a stick shift
in the pasture behind
my great grandparent’s house
or how when incubus plays
i’m taken back to that night
in the biting wind
when we stood against the stage
and sang our hearts out
to every song
or like whenever
strawberry wine
comes on the radio,
i suddenly find myself
under coral skies,
moments falling like petals
from dandelions
memories echo in every line
and i get lost in the 
every single time
– ashley jane

Moments and Mistakes

Photo credit: Véronique

I can feel them lurking
in the back of my throat,
moments and mistakes
that my mind won’t let go,
hovering there,
ensuring I don’t forget,
turning them into lessons
of anger and regret
that I was naive enough
to allow myself
to be changed
into someone else
and you stand there watching
as I fight each reminder
But I will not keep you there

I will build my walls taller
to keep you away
and any lingering memories
that want to stay
as I continue to try
to right all these wrongs,
embracing the happiness
that was here all along

Breath_words© 6/27/16