i seek to stay far from where you are.

i once liked roses,

but you reminded me

that they have thorns

and that honeyed lines

carry a hidden sting

you’re all poison and pearl,

the cold caress

of pretty words that bite,

a kiss of the abyss

with no love in sight

and i

found freedom

in my own soul shimmer,

all waterfall wonder

and gemstone glimmer

i am a forest fire light,

a full moon magic

that swallowed up

your pitch black night

(my heart is filled

with sunflowers and fireflies,

and i sleep amidst the stars)

– ashley jane

Ruby Red Promises


We are forget-me-not days
of hope and forever,
the brush of something
special to remember
We are names inscribed
on captive hearts,
quickened pulses beating
under a carousel of stars,
and our light shines bright,
leaving them jealous every night
We are love stained lips
whispering ruby red promises
and red wine kisses that
taste like happiness and home

Breath of Words© 2/14/17

photo used with permission by FogDog Photography