road trip runaways.

the sunlight burns in our rear view mirror,

a canopy of flames following close behind

we say goodbye to the bittersweet glow,

our bodies exhausted from chasing

too many unending horizons,

brutal and beautiful and beckoning

nights and days blending together,

moonrise – twilight – ethereal dawn,

each one feeding into the next

like a record on repeat

the highway bends like wisteria vines

and we just drive,

this feeling in our chest pushing us on,

demanding that we




anything to remove this ache in our veins,

anything to feed the wild in our hearts

– ashley jane


Photo by Wendy Nelson

We chased
highways and railways,
looking for some
long distance fix,
hungry for adventure
and craving escape
We wanted
to move mountains
and dive the depths,
to study new cultures
and unearth treasures,
We fancied ourselves
master explorers,
but the only thing
we were masters of
was running away

BreathwordsĀ© 11/3/16