we’re left as embers and ashes.

i spread all the remnants of you

out on the table,

a pile of memorabilia from another life,

years of photos and letters

scattered within

a tangle of wasted breaths

and words unspoken

ink-stained moments

are all that’s left

of a love that once

burned through the night

– ashley jane

Cold Nights

you ask me for the time

and wanted to know about the weather

and all I could think about was the year

when winter stripped away the last pieces of us

(i’m barely holding on and you barely remember)

we were so busy putting out fires that we let our own die out

i recall those cold nights and feeling like I’d never get warm

the front yard was drowning in carnations and frost,

and i was lost in memories of us

unable to come up for air

Words by Ashley Jane

Art by Johana Sevlova

Flicker and Fade


I’ve been stirring the depths,
those dark recesses
and shadowed halls,
moody blue rooms
with empty walls

And some days,
I’m more flicker and fade,
rainbow tears
becoming shades of gray,
colors breaking,
embraced by the night,
now swallowing up the light
slowly settling in,
leaving a pressing ache
beneath my skin
that demands
to be alone

the dark side of depression
is making hell
into its home

Breath of Words/Ashley Jane© 6/26/17

Top photo: Agnes Cecile / Lower photo: Zest

Soul Deep Sting

I let you carve your name
onto my heart,
let you etch your face
into my dreams
You became permanent,
a soul deep tattoo
that left me hovering
between heaven and hell


And now this ache is all that’s left,
bruised and broken moments
imprinted in my mind,
shoebox memories that I can’t hide,
and the sting of knowing
that I’ll never rid myself of you

Breath of Words© 4/21/17

Photo via WeHeartIt (artist unknown)


Photo by Esther Bollen

We only survive in passing glances,
our whispered words fading
We’ve become nothing more
than two souls in waiting,
longing for a time and place,
a sanctuary that no longer exists
We drift in and out,
colliding with the pressing silence
and the deep ache we feel within
We’ve become lost along the way,
like hometown strangers
with no place to call home

Breath of Words© 1/6/17