Searching Shadows


scarlet fever crashing through blue veins,
ephemeral nights now crimson stained
with ruby roses and cherry leather cuffs
(the sting is a drug but it’s never enough)
and she searches for answers in the shadows,
stop motion stutter and start again,
gently tracing the map on her skin
(can you follow the path of her scars)
there’s a taste of darkness in her mercurial heart
she’s one cut away from falling apart

Words by Ashley Jane

Art by Harumi Hironaka

Please Don’t Change


I wonder if you’d be different
if your life hadn’t been that way.
I wonder if you’d know
how talented you are,
or if you’d see
your beauty like I do.
I wonder if you’d
do yourself harm
just to feel something
if you knew how much
you make others feel.
It saddens me that people
have made you think
that you are anything less
than extraordinary.
It angers me that you
possess scars because
someone made you need them
just to get by.
I wonder if you believe me
when I say that
you are perfect
just the way you are.