she once counted stars,
but she ended up falling
now, she is a sea queen sinking
in her own summer storm,
racing anchors to the bottom
of her mind’s deep ocean
while the lightning rages
and the rain pours

she waits for a break
to undo the ache,
and she hears the clouds part
to whisper your name

you are the space in-between,
the calming reprieve
that she desperately needs,
sharing your lungs with her
so she re-learns
how to breathe

Ashley Jane © 8/8/17

photo by Hannah Isa

Made to Drown


I tried
bridging the shores,
tried plotting our course,
two different souls
going wherever the wind blows

but my survival was tied
to a sinking ship,
your bloodthirsty words
leaving my defenses
slashed to ribbons

So, I learned that some structures
are made to come tumbling down,
all that was left
now floating with death

I guess some hearts were made to drown

Breath of Words© 7/18/17

photo: Mikael Also