Searching Shadows


scarlet fever crashing through blue veins,
ephemeral nights now crimson stained
with ruby roses and cherry leather cuffs
(the sting is a drug but it’s never enough)
and she searches for answers in the shadows,
stop motion stutter and start again,
gently tracing the map on her skin
(can you follow the path of her scars)
there’s a taste of darkness in her mercurial heart
she’s one cut away from falling apart

Words by Ashley Jane

Art by Harumi Hironaka

Soul Deep Sting

I let you carve your name
onto my heart,
let you etch your face
into my dreams
You became permanent,
a soul deep tattoo
that left me hovering
between heaven and hell


And now this ache is all that’s left,
bruised and broken moments
imprinted in my mind,
shoebox memories that I can’t hide,
and the sting of knowing
that I’ll never rid myself of you

Breath of Words© 4/21/17

Photo via WeHeartIt (artist unknown)