I’ll Rise


My mind is tired and my soul aches
and I can feel myself sink into this saudade
but, like air, I’ll rise

I can feel the shadows shudder,
and darkness blooms while passion wanes
but, like air, I’ll rise

But this heart is a lioness, scared of nothing,
and I will always forge a way
because, like air, I’ll rise

Words by Ashley Jane

Art by broken_isnt_bad



I get tired of the bad days,

the aching days,

the days where it’s tough to get out of bed

My friend calls them the “too many spoons” days

The weather changes and I’m lost again

I can see it coming, but like a train,

I can’t stop it

So, I get grumpy

and I get snippy and sad and overwhelmed
But, I have my words still

so that’s something, right?

Breath of Words © 10/19/17

Under The Bridge

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Tired of whispers
that attack
from the shadows,
arms reaching out
from dark spaces,
pulling me in
with cruel words
from a mean heart,
lies that linger
in the air,
evidence of your
though no one
would ever guess
that you were the one
orchestrating this mess,
unless of course
they knew you too
and were aware
that you are quite adept
at adopting innocence,
playing the role
of the victim
as though you really
were one

But, I no longer
wish to dwell
on hurt and hate
and jealousy
I’ll push those thoughts
out to sea
and ride the tides
that change overnight,
sweeping water
and words
under the bridge
as I coast on through
with no thought
of you

Breath_words© 1/20/2016