Preach Peace


do not open that box child,
the one marked hate,
the one that promises it’ll be ok
there is no love to be found there,
only anger and pain

we’ve gotta find another way

we need to lead with one heart,
not bitter words that incite violence,
or hostility that starts the riots

we have to do what they won’t
and preach tolerance and unity
we want love not war
so bring us healing and equality

our next chapter demands
some kind of revolution,
a day of departure
from the constant persecution

so put down the box child
and find your strength
together, we’ve got to make them believe
in peace

Breath of Words© 8/18/17

art by Banksy

War in Color


We waged war in shades of burgundy,
passion stained,
our souls enraged
We painted madness across the page,
begging for you to read
our crimson ink

As it flowed from swords
Shaped like pens
Scoring a tale
That pierced hearts pale
From ruby red
To an orange that bled

We etched our name
into the amber sun
and pierced the night
with an ivory light,
our hearts contained
in the golden flames

Like fire from the maw
Of an emerald scaled dragon
That swept cross a country
Burning his enemies &
The land all around

We watched it all
come tumbling down,
turquoise seas and azure skies
wiped away by dark midnight,
the world we knew
blanketed in cobalt blue

The darkening palette
eating up colours
as shadowy truths
clouded the light
revealing indigo hues
in which we might hide

We folded ourselves
into the deep violet skies,
while words spilled out
in the blackest slate,
our lives rearranged
by shades of gloomy gray

Breath of Words© and Sea Words©

Photo: Annalie Solice