watch her glow like the moon.

glimmering gold and lavender love

pretty pulses of healing,

starlight infused into screaming veins,

hope shimmering across the universe of a soul

whose only ever known how pain bleeds,

peace radiating through the home

of bones too familiar with agony

there is a goddess within her,

a warrior finally waking

from an eternity of aching

she sheds the shadows of the past

and walks into the wonder of the present

(watch her become the sun)

– ashley jane

i am under her spell.

i watched her

waking from hibernation,

neither ghost nor girl

but hovering somewhere in between,

a born wildflower drifting

so i taught her

to dance in rays of sunlight,

to run beneath the rain

and now,

she is anointed with energy,

illuminated from within

she goes up in flames

and emerges with wings

she becomes the magic

that keeps me wild

– ashley jane



you make up rules
and expect her to follow,
but she is most striking

you try to hold her back
but, she moves through
the darkest nights
with courage
with power
with faith

you don’t understand her,
the way she shines
even when hope is scarce

you want to control her
…but, she is a woman
who knows her own strength

Breath of Words© 7/30/17

phpto by James Bort

Colors of Her


Art by David Kilpatrick

She is power and beauty,
an indigo wave
crashing into the shore,
bold streaks of
lilac and pink
staining the sand
with stories from afar

She is wild and reckless,
a frenzy of passion
painted across the sky
in whirlwinds and tornados,
scarlet storms
waging war
with the bright daylight

She is fierce and free,
enchanting shades
of blue and green
magic woven into
an emerald forest,
reaching up to a sapphire sky,
singing the midnight stars
a lullaby

Breath_words© 5/20/17