She chases the messenger

in a sky full of stars,

explores forests

just like the one

etched on her heart

Kismet chaos stains

her curious lips,

and wild dreams linger

on her fingertips

as faraway places

softly call out her name,

whispering of

a sweet madness

that can’t be tamed

She’s hellbent on knowing,

her eyes brightly glowing

while a wondering wanderlust

screams through her veins

She’s lost in the call

of this burning fernweh

Breath of Words© 4/23/17

top photo: Federico Bebber

lower photo: Further Bound


Search For Adventure

We chose not our course

Set the sails

And followed the winds

The seas and the words

Where they allowed
We sought the unknown

waves crashing within our hearts

breathing deep

as we searched for adventure
In an ocean of new wonders

And possibilities unknown

Alive within a world

Limited only by us
Written with @aseawords for a #quotery challenge on Instagram and based on the quote:

“I go to seek a great perhaps.” By Francios Rabelais