we are poetry.

words sit thick

like cotton on the tongue

waiting to be spun

into a dress of pretty prose

for strangers to wear,

letters and lace to drape

across the shoulders of people

we will never meet,

soul stories told by hands

that hold tendrils of magic

we move between moments,

insomnia written into our bones

because sleep cannot make a home

in minds that do not rest,

in bodies composed

of air and water and hope and pain

we breathe wreckage and desire,

and we are not afraid of either

because we carry the blood

of vikings and warriors in our veins

our hearts wear a shield

made of woven strength

we are resilient

we are infinite

we are poetry

– ashley jane


we are seekers

of truth,

of passion,

of divine retribution

we find it in the words

that sing within our souls,

create poems that pour out

and make us whole

we are meant to be read,



we are untethered beauty,

unchained magic

that only a few

will understand


National Poetry Day

Ashley Jane© 9/28/17

art by HinnyDesign